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If you plan on using stealth I highly recommend you read this explanation of the rules, it is far clearer on the subject than the player’s handbook.

Stealth Rules.

The site used to create power cards. When creating your power cards keep in mind that every little detail of the power is important, including indentation of text!

Power Cards.

An interesting discussion on playing a neutral character

Reddit Discussion on Neutrality.

When playing an unaligned character consider this quote from the phb1: “If you’re unaligned you don’t actively seek to hurt others or wish them ill, you also don’t go out of your way to put yourself at risk without some hope for reward. You support law and order when doing so benefits you. You value your own freedom without worrying too much about protecting the freedom of others.” I interpret this as an unaligned character is not likely to preform acts of outright evil such as killing a PC (A friend of theirs who has fought with them in many battles). I see an unaligned character as being a typical everyday human, somewhat selfish but not selfish to the point of evil!

Another interesting discussion on alignments.

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