Keep on the Shadowfell

From Craters to Waterfalls.

Irontooth's Demise.

The heroes found a new companion in a shifter druid called Metsamies who was on a quest to find Douven as a favour to Lord Padraig. He further agreed to join the heroes on their quest to help Winterhaven.

The heroes found Douven at a dragon burial site at the bottom of a crater. He’d been captured by a gnome called Agrid and his lackeys. There was also a powerful apparition summoned by someone that Agrid referred to as Kalarel. After dispatching these enemies the heroes questioned Douven and agreed to escort him back to Winterhaven.

When they reached Winterhaven they found smoke and fire rising and the gates barred! Rond Kelfem told them Winterhaven had been attacked and were only just able to fight of the attackers due to the training the town militia had received from the heroes. He also told them Lord Padraig was willing to pay them an extra 100gp to deal with the local kobold problem now.

Thus the heroes attacked the kobold lair , destroying it’s outer defenses and penetrating the inner sanctum. They eventually crossed swords with the fearsome Irontooth. Flaeir with her powerful magic cast the final blow on Irontooth who died with a ferocious scream to Kalarel and Orcus that echoed throughout the cave.



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